Start Skydiving AFF Price Schedule

You must be 18 years old to skydive at Start Skydiving

Accelerated Freefall Training - First Jump Course

AFF Category A (FJC and Jump) - $299 per jump
AFF Category A (FJC College & Military Discount) - $269 per jump
AFF Category A (Group of 5, 6th Person is FREE!) - $285 per jump

Accelerated Freefall Training Categories B through E

AFF Category B & C-1 - $220 per jump
AFF Category C-2 through E-3 - $160 per jump

Coach Jumps Categories F through H

Category F1 Clear & Pull 3,500 ft MSL - $55 per jump
Category F2 Clear & Pull 6,000 ft MSL - $55 per jump
Categories F3 through H2 - $99.00 per jump

A License Check Dive

Before you are signed off as successfully meeting the requirements for your USPA License you must perform an A License Check Dive with a USPA rated Instructor. - $99.00 per jump

Accelerated Freefall Course

We offer a weekly camp Thursday through Sunday; training starts at 9:00am and goes until sunset. Our goal is to have you complete the AFF program in four days, Cat A-E 8 jumps.

Accelerated Freefall through A License

We offer our popular AFF to A License program that includes Categories A-E 8 jumps, Coach Categories F-H 8 jumps, A License check dive and 6 additional slots $2,500.00***

***(Up-Front Non-transferable and non-refundable payment. Good only during the 2015 skydiving season. Any repeated jumps will be charged at the regular prices.)

Start Skydiving Refund Terms and Conditions

"IMPORTANT"Please click on this link to read our policy on refunds:

Start Skydiving Video and Photography Price Schedule

Video and Digital Stills: $99.00View sample Video and Digital Stills video
• Your jump is documented by a world-class aerial photographer.
• You receive between 50 and 150 high-quality digital photographs.
• Your video is professionally edited and burned onto a DVD, while your photos are copied onto a CD. Both of these discs come in a custom case for safe storage. Video is also on YouTube.

Blu-Ray Upgrade: Place on Blu-Ray for an additional $20.00

Please call 513-422-JUMP (5867) or email to schedule your jump or simply use our Online Reservation System.